Who we are


Our role is to coordinate and align the planning that will shape the future of Greater Sydney. We’re taking a collaborative "one government" approach to this, so we can lead and guide the planning for development, transport and housing so that Greater Sydney will be a productive, liveable and sustainable city for all.


The Greater Sydney Commission leadership comprises:

  • Four Greater Sydney Commissioners: Chief Commissioner, Economic Commissioner and Deputy Chief Commissioner, Environment Commissioner and Social Commissioner.
  • Five District Commissioners each responsible for a district within Greater Sydney – Central, West Central, Western City, North and South.
  • Ex-officio members: As ex-officio members of the Greater Sydney Commission, relevant State Government Secretaries attend full Commission meetings.
  • The Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the Commission.


As an independent organisation funded by the NSW Government, strong and accountable governance is core to our duty to transparently and responsibly serve the public interest.

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Partner Organisations

In addition to representation as ex-officio members and observers, key government agencies and departments work in partnership with Greater Sydney Commission at a strategic and operational level.

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