Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056

Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 is an ambitious future plan for a growing Greater Sydney. This is also a separate document that forms a draft amendment to the Greater Sydney Region Plan, which will be the connector between our current and future regional plans. While our draft District Plans use A Plan for Growing Sydney as its base, it also draws on this emerging new vision for Greater Sydney’s future.

This vision involves a major shift in strategic planning for Greater Sydney which focuses on the regional significance of central and western Sydney. Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056, with its strategy for a metropolis of three cities is set to provide a framework than can better underpin strategic planning for a more productive, liveable and sustainable city.

A group of people attending the Bankstown Bites event.

Formal submissions

The exhibition period for the Draft District Plans and Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056 has now closed. If you need more time please contact us. A formal submission allows you to provide feedback and ideas that address specific points in the draft plans. Your submission will be published. However, you may request that your name and address are not displayed on the Commission’s website or alongside your submission.



Document title
Towards our Greater Sydney 2056