Three Cities

A key component of the draft District Plans

Greater Sydney must be reimagined as consisting of three great cities for its growth to be successful.

The Commission was established in early 2016 to lead and co-ordinate metropolitan planning for the Greater Sydney Region.

The three cities envisaged by the Greater Sydney Commission are the established Eastern City, the developing Central City and emerging Western City in and around the new airport. Each of these three cities will have their own unique identity and each must be planned to maximise liveability, productivity and sustainability.

The three cities approach sets the tone for the future work of the Greater Sydney Commission.

It is essential to embrace the concept of the three cities as Greater Sydney’s population grows from its current level of 4.6 million to six million in 20 years, to eight million in 2056 with most of the growth taking place in the west. If current trends continue, by 2036 over 50 per cent of Sydney’s population will live west of Parramatta.

Three Cities Map featuring the Eastern, Central and Western cities of Sydney

The Eastern City includes the traditional Sydney CBD and stretches from Macquarie Park in the north to Kogarah in the south.

Referred to as the Central City, the Greater Parramatta area is at a critical moment in history – the stars are aligning with total investment from the public and private sectors of over $10 billion over the next five years.

The third city planned for Sydney known as the Western City will be centred around the new Western City Airport and the existing areas of Camden, Campbelltown, Liverpool and Penrith.

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