Strategic planning

Strategic planning is designing Sydney’s long-term future, with a 20 year plan and a 40 year vision. Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056 is the draft 40 year vision underpinning each of the draft District Plans.

This is about imagining the Sydney of 2036 and 2056, and crafting a plan to ensure it gets better as it gets bigger. In order to achieve those objectives, the Commission is tasked with preparing strategic planning documents, so the vision can be built collaboratively, tested, and ultimately shared.


A smiling mother and her daughter wearing a school uniform sitting on the fence in front of a 1960s red brick apartment building.

District Plans

District Plans are a fundamental way that Sydney’s smart growth is being managed. They are the link between the State Government’s Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Plan for Growing Sydney – and councils’ Local Environmental Plans.

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Aerial view of Parramatta CBD with Sydney CBD in the distance

Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056

Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 is an ambitious future plan for a growing Greater Sydney. This is also a separate document that forms a draft amendment to the Greater Sydney Region Plan, which will be the connector between our current and future regional plans. While our draft District Plans uses A Plan for Growing Sydney as its base, it also draws on this emerging new vision for Greater Sydney’s future.

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People walking along The Goods Line in Ultimo near the UTS Dr Chau Chak Wing building.

Greater Sydney Region Plan

Released in December 2014, the Greater Sydney Region Plan, A Plan for Growing Sydney, is a long-term guide on land use planning.

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Three Cities Map featuring the Eastern, Central and Western cities of Sydney

Three Cities

Greater Sydney must be reimagined as consisting of three great cities for its growth to be successful.

The three cities envisaged by the Greater Sydney Commission are the established Eastern City, the developing Central City and emerging Western City in and around the new airport. Each of these three cities will have their own unique identity and each must be planned to maximise liveability, productivity and sustainability.

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