Greater Sydney Region Plan

Released in December 2014, the Greater Sydney Region Plan, A Plan for Growing Sydney, is a long-term guide on land use planning.

A Plan for Growing Sydney is our roadmap. It shows where we will live and work and how we will commute. All District plans are required to give effect to it under Part 3B of the EPA Act.

The Commission is tasked with reviewing and updating A Plan for Growing Sydney during 2017, including reflecting new policy directions of the District Plans, once finalised. Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056 is our draft update to A Plan for Growing Sydney, and forms chapter two of all draft District Plans.

Better land use planning will increase the State's productivity, liveability and sustainability. A Plan for Growing Sydney provides a framework for strengthening the global competitiveness of Sydney and delivering strong investment and jobs growth across Greater Sydney, while making it a better place to live, in a sustainable way.

People walking along The Goods Line in Ultimo near the UTS Dr Chau Chak Wing building.

Our goals are published in A Plan for Growing Sydney:

  • A competitive economy with world-class services and transport
  • A city of housing choice, with homes that meet our needs and lifestyles
  • A great place to live with communities that are strong, healthy and well connected
  • A sustainable and resilient city that protects the natural environment and has a balanced approach to the use of land and resources.


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A Plan for Growing Sydney