Get involved

The Greater Sydney Commission is listening and learning from people with a vast range of expertise and interests. To date we have engaged with individuals and groups from across Sydney. Since our inception, more than 24,000 people have attended one of our workshops, meetings or events to give us their views. Local government officers, state government staff, peak bodies and community groups have also provided us with valuable feedback. This collaboration has informed our preparation of the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan and the draft District Plans which were on public exhibition until 15 December 2017.


What we've heard

October to December 2017

The exhibition period for the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan and draft District Plans is now closed. Submissions have now been reviewed and are available to read online. If you need more time to make a formal submission please contact us.

November 2016 to March 2017

The initial exhibition period for the draft District Plans and Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 from November 2016 to March 2017 included engagement with over 7,750 Greater Sydneysiders. People from across Greater Sydney joined us for deliberative workshops, community meetings, roundtables, forums, technical working groups and on-line chats. Read more about what people across Greater Sydney said during the initial engagement period.

Our Engagement Strategy

Our Engagement Strategy outlines how the Commission engages with government, business and the community as strategic plans - including draft District Plans and the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan, and how you can get involved. It will raise people’s awareness of the work to plan for long-term growth and encourage people to contribute to the process.

For information on the Commission's previous engagement strategy, read the July 2016 Engagement Strategy (PDF 3.6 MB).