District Plans

District Plans are a fundamental way to manage Sydney’s smart growth. They are the link between the State Government’s Greater Sydney Region PlanA Plan for Growing Sydney – and councils’ Local Environmental Plans.

The Greater Sydney Commission has put on public exhibition the first ever 20 year draft District Plans.

The goal of these Plans is to have well‐coordinated, integrated and effective planning for land use, transport and infrastructure.

The draft District Plans set out the opportunities, priorities and actions and provide the means by which the Greater Sydney Region Plan, A Plan for Growing Sydney can be put into action at a local level.

VIDEO: Watch the draft District Plans Update event, held on 21 November 2016.


A smiling mother and her daughter wearing a school uniform sitting on the fence in front of a 1960s red brick apartment building.

Formal submissions

The exhibition period for the draft District Plans and Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 has now closed. If you need more time please contact us. A formal submission allows you to provide feedback and ideas that address specific points in the draft plans. Your submission will be published. However, you may request that your name and address are not displayed on the Commission’s website or alongside your submission.

Information Notes

Information notes provide supporting information on the draft District Plans.

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Document title
Draft Central District Plan
Draft North District Plan
Draft West Central District Plan 
Draft West District Plan
Draft South West District Plan
Draft South District Plan